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Admission Arrangements
Children’s House Nursery School follows the admission procedures as outlined by the Local Authority's starting school booklet; which can be accessed below. The regulations for admissions are determined by the local authority in consultation with schools; as required by the Education Reform Act 1988.

The standard number for Children’s House Nursery School, which is reviewed annually, has been set at 70 (full time equivalent) places. We offer 45 full time places and 50 part time places.


A paper copy of Tower Hamlet's admissions policy can be obtained from the Local Authority's Pupil Admissions Team on tel: 020 7364 5006.

The criteria for a place at nursery are as follows:

  • Children who are or have been looked after by the local authority within one year prior to the admission date (children in public care).
  • Children with exceptional social/educational/medical needs. You will be asked to provide a report from a professional to support the application e.g. from a doctor or social worker.
  • Children with brothers or sisters in the school at the time of admission.
  • Children living closest to the school (a straight line map from the parental home to the school is used to calculate distance)

Children's House Nursery School is oversubscribed therefore we do advise you to register your child at other settings. When we are over subscribed we always adhere to our admissions criteria.

There is no automatic right of appeal if your child is not offered a nursery place, however we are happy to keep your child on the waiting list.



If you have any further questions about Nursery admission, please contact Debra  Watkinson  at Children’s House  Nursery School.


You are welcome to put your child's name on our waiting list immediately after your child's second birthday.



Please come to the School office to complete the Common  Admission Form  (CAF) on any Thursday during term time between 10.00 a.m. and 11.00 a.m. You can also ask for a tour of the school during this time and a member of staff will be available to answer any queries you may have.


Please bring with you:


2 proofs of tenancy e.g.Utility Bill ( Gas, Electric, Water) or Council Tax Bill.

Your Child's Birth Certificate or  Passport

Children are eligible to start at Children's House the term after their third birthday.