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Books This Term

Books are so important in supporting children's development.

Remember to borrow a book every weekend from school to share.

Each week the children's learning will be supported through story and books.

Please speak to your child's key person if you need any help or advice.

Below are some of the different books and genres we cover. These will be added to each week.

Books About Ourselves

Books and puppets are a great way to explore emotions in a non-threatening way.

We often share stories that relate to ourselves and our lives with children

Sometimes these stories can support young children's problem solving and critical thinking.

Please look in your child's classroom at the books we are focusing on. 

Feel free to speak to staff if you would like any recommendations.  

The Little Red Hen

Information Books

Share books and magazines about things your child is interested in:

Dinosaurs, Animals, The Planet, Recipe Books, Vehicles, Sport, Photo Albums.

Sit together, look at the pictures and see what they can tell you and show you.

Maybe you can add extra information and language for your child.

Most importantly, just enjoy the books together.