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December 2022

One Year On


It has been one year since Children's House and Rachel Keeling Nursery School joined together in federation. 

The two schools are different: different school priorities, staff, buildings, budgets and locations - but the same wonderful children, families and pedagogy with a passion for learning at the heart of them.

As with much in humanity - there is more that unites us than divides us.


Thank you all for your continued support of our schools this year.

We enter our second year of federation with vigour and plans for both schools.


We will continue to deliver on incredible outcomes for children within loving schools where wellbeing and welfare is at the centre.


Here's to 2023 - Merry Christmas and a a Happy New Year!

The Nativity at Children's House, 2022


Mary and Joseph may have had to contend with a very busy Bethlehem but at Children's House we have had so many children poorly with viruses recently that we had to show resilience and problem solving to ensure the show went ahead!


There was drumming, singing, dancing and unexpected improvisation - all of which just made for the perfect shows for our children and families in the main building. 

The links to both performances are below.

The children will be singing the songs for years to come: thank you for celebrating with us.


We know many children were unwell and absent: we missed you all.

Remember you will have many years of celebrations and performances so don't feel too disappointed. 


More Christmas fun and learning next week for all. 



The Nativity 2022

Sponsored Cycle & Scoot at Children's House Nursery School


On Friday our garden was filled with bikes, scooters and helmets as many children scooted and cycled to school. We had our sponsored cycle and scoot to raise funds for our garden development. 

We want to create more space for children to develop skills in mastering our balance bikes and to be able to begin using our two wheeler pedal bikes. We will also be introducing some planting and growing and some natural spaces. 


Children in the Red Building and the Main Building took it in turns to follow the courses in the garden: some children counted how many laps and stamped their paper. Others whizzed around: music played and friends cheered for each other.


In the new year as spring approaches we will be encouraging everyone to scoot and cycle to school. It is a great way to stay healthy and a good habit for young people to get into!

We look forward to the garden being filled with bikes and scooters.


Thank you all for your sponsor money so far - if you are able to collect any pennies, we will be collecting until Christmas. 

You helped to raise £749 - wow. Thank you so much!


Sponsored Cycle & Scoot at Children's House