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February 2022

Local Role Models in Bow.

At Children's House Nursery School we know how important it is to feel safe and secure.

It is one of the first things we support our children with when settling into school.

Once children feel safe, secure and happy, we can develop other really exciting learning across the curriculum. We were so lucky to have special guests visit us this week.

PC Sabera and PC Josh our local Police Officers came to see us on Tuesday morning.

They came in full uniform and spent time with the children and staff: talking to them, answering their questions and letting them explore all the incredible equipment they use.

In the Red Building PC Josh nearly lost his radio to the Home Corner!

It is so important we build trust and a sense of community to help make Bow a place we are proud to live, learn and work in. 

They will come back again in the afternoon so that the afternoon children can meet them.

PC Sabera also offered to run a 'Walk and Talk' session with women and girls: walking in the local area and talking about life and issues which affect you.

Please let Becky, Guthsna, Sabiya or any staff member know if you would be interested in joining Sabera.


Trip to Mudchute Farm.

Children, families and staff enjoyed a trip to Mudchute Farm.

They travelled by DLR to Mudchute and the farm is a very short walk from the station. 

They arranged a meeting point in case anyone got lost and started to explore the farm: they saw sheep, cattle and a calf, geese, donkeys, goats, ducks, pigs and cockerels.

Children observed the animals and were encouraged to listen to the sounds they could hear. 

They focused on safety and have to stay safe around animals (by not putting hands through the fence).

Children were encouraged to talk about what animals ate.

There was lots of information for the children and families to read on posters and signs.

Children counted and noticed the feathers, fur and wool that different animals had. 

They washed their hands and ate their snack on benches, sharing talk together.

Some families stayed longer to explore the farm. 

Please remember anyone can visit Mudchute Farm for free - check out the website:


Trip to Mudchute Farm

Early Words TOGETHER!

Those of you who know our wonderful school will have heard about the incredibly powerful programme Early Words Together

The programme is from the National Literacy Trust and it supports parents to develop the home learning environment. It empowers families by supporting and developing their understanding of things they can do outside school that develops children’s language, literacy and learning.

We are so lucky that our wonderful experienced and new volunteers have been working together to prepare the programme for our new families: their energy, creativity  and commitment is evident for all to see.  They have prepared the resources and planned their sessions. 


As new families join, we can already see the joy and commitment shown by them as well. 

Week 1: Goldilocks and The Three Bears - this session supported the skills of sharing the story, developing language and imaginative play and props. 

Week 2: Transport - this session again looked at sharing the book together and then children, family members and their volunteer created their own bus from junk modelling.

Week 3: Trip to the Idea Store


There are three more weeks to follow and we will keep you posted how the group get on.

It has been a joy to watch (and hear) the laughter and talk happening in the room each Wednesday morning. 

Thank you Hasina, Rukshana, Fatima, Lauren, Ann and Rubina: you are all busy parents and you have made time to come and support your local school community. 

We really appreciate your hard work and the outcomes for children we know will continue to be evident as the programme continues.


Please look at the Early Words Together page on our website for more information:


Next week is half term!

We hope you get out and enjoy some fresh air. 

You can visit lots of wonderful local places of interest such as Stepney City Farm or Hackney City Farm, the Tate Modern, Tower of London or a lovely walk along the canals locally with a flask of tea.


Early Words Together

Kung Hei Fat Choi!


At Children’s House Nursery School we have missed coming together to celebrate over recent years. We welcomed the Year of the Tiger with lots of wonderful learning opportunities this week. 

Children reflected on celebrations they have enjoyed: Eid, Christmas, Diwali, Hanukkah and birthdays. They were supported to think about the different and similar ways people celebrate. We shared information books, artefacts and stories about Chinese New Year. Children moved to music with ribbons in the garden: creating their own patterns and sequences. Children were supported to use one handed tools with skill by creating traditional envelopes for their golden coins to take home. They also decorated these beautifully.

id you know that many people in Asia give money as gifts in ornate red envelopes for special celebrations?

A group of children wrote shopping lists for some Chinese cooking. They collected their lists and some money and walked to Tesco where they were welcomed and bought all the ingredients they needed. One of our lovely parents came in and cooked some Chinese noodles and stir fry with the children. Thank you!!! Children enjoyed helping by handling, washing, preparing, chopping and tasting the food

This sparked lots of interest and language

Information books about tigers were shared and enjoyed as it is the Year of the Tiger. Some children knew lots of facts about tigers already - Becky even learned how to sign ‘Tiger’.

Meanwhile, many children helped to create beautiful dragon heads using recyclable materials. This was sustained by many children across the week.

This all culminated in some Children’s House Dragon and Lion Dancing in the garden. What a joyous sight and sound!


Book of the week from 7 February 2022: The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

Next week is the last week of the half term - please make sure your child comes to school every day so they can access all the wonderful learning opportunities and continue to build relationships and friendships.


Click below and watch our amazing Children's House Nursery School Chinese New Year Film!

Kung Hei Fat Choi!

What ingredients do we need to make a 'Stir Fry'?