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Friday 15th October

Friday 15th October 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

This week has just flown by, it is hard to believe that there is only one more week until half-term. Today was a very special day at Children’s House. It was the first time that we have welcomed parents back on site for a course. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to meet some of you properly in a relaxed atmosphere.

Muradet from the Parental Engagement Team led a course on healthy lives. Over the next three weeks she will be talking about things like healthy eating, oral health, physical activity, mental health and resilience and active travel to school.

Everyone who attended really enjoyed the morning and we loved having you back on site again.

We will be offering more courses throughout the year, so do please check your text messages, letters home and the website.

Today in the garden children acted out the story of “Handa’s Surprise” for their friends. If you had visited the garden you would have seen parrots, zebras, monkeys, goats, and an Ostrich busy taking the fruits from Handa’s basket.

Children really enjoyed performing the story for a live audience.

Indoors it was focus Friday so children were busy with their special books. There was also some lovely imaginative play taking place in the home corner and small world area. Imaginative play is so important in the early years and children are given time and space for this. When they play imaginatively children are able to make sense of things that they have seen or experienced. It supports the development of creativity and intellectual development and gives children opportunities to practice decision making and social skills such as sharing, turn taking and collaborating.

In red class children were playing with blocks and small models of themselves (mini me) and experimenting with printing.

Have a lovely weekend.

Parents at work -- Healthy Families Workshop

Block Play in Red Class

Printing with the two year olds

Look at my 'Learning Journey'..

Handa's Surprise Roleplay

Free Play