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Friday 17th September

Friday 17th September 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Well this week has flown by and it has certainly been a busy one as we welcomed new children every day to all three classes. I’m pleased to report they are settling in well. Please don’t worry if your settles in quickly and later becomes unsettled, this is a common stage children go through but you will soon see that all children are comfortable here and happy to come to nursery.

Today we had our first 4th birthday of the academic year. We celebrate birthdays by inviting the birthday child to bring fruit to share with their friends. An adult helps them to prepare it and they then enjoy offering it to their friends in class. Children then sing the happy birthday song.

It may seem strange to think of primary school when your child has just started nursery however if your child was born between the 1st September 2017 and the 31st August 2018 your child is eligible for a place in a Reception Class in Primary School from Sept 2022. 
‚ÄčAll applications need to be made before the 15th January 2022.  Please apply via the e-admission portal using the link provided.

Today in nursery it was focus Friday, we have started the baseline assessments for the new children. These are done with parents so your key person will arrange to meet with you or call you soon.

In the garden children made bird feeders ready to feed our garden birds as the weather gets colder and in red class children explored cous cous.


Have a lovely weekend

Feeding the birds

Exploring cous cous

A Happy 4th Birthday