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Friday 18th June

Friday 18th June 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Today is focus Friday, children were busy working with their key person on their special books and targets.

Out in the garden (between heavy rain showers) children were dancing like mini-beats, thinking carefully about how to move like a worm, fly like a butterfly, creep like a snail. They really used their imaginations and there were some lovely movements.

There was of course lots of interest in rain and puddles as well. A puddle makes a great lake to sail a boat on, something to jump over, to stir paint into, or simply to brush away with brooms.

Indoors children also finished their Father’s day or special person’s day cards.

To all our dads, we wish you a happy father’s day on Sunday.

Enjoy the weekend and if you are watching the EUFA football tournament, it’s England V Scotland tonight.


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Happy Father's Day