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Friday 18th September

Good afternoon everyone,

We have had a busy week in nursery. Our new children are delightful and the returning children have been just amazing at showing them the ropes and helping their new friends to settle. Our drop off and pick up routines are getting smoother each day and we are really grateful for your patience as  we realise that it can't be easy for you all to say goodbye at the gate.

Please be reassured that if your child is upset or has a problem we will call you straight away to let you know. Your child’s happiness at Children's House is our number one priority.

Children had lots of fun outdoors again today as we are so lucky with the weather, we encourage all children into the garden as the fresh air is just what we all need after months of lock down.

Indoors children shared their "All About Me" books and started to add things to their Learning Journeys (special books). These special books are a record of  children's learning experiences. We encourage parents to add to them, so if you want to include photographs of things you did at home please do e-mail them to your key person. 

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you all on Monday,

'All about me' books

Our Special Books