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Friday 20th November

Good morning everyone,

Yesterday Guthsna was on the blog demonstrating how to make play dough. Today’s blog is all about making real and pretend cakes. This activity has all the ingredients for language development and creative and mathematical learning opportunities and is something that children really enjoy.

If you made the play dough yesterday, you will have noticed that children love to play with dough and this activity is sure to engage them in lots of mathematical and imaginative learning experiences.

Today you could add a few drops of food colouring to your dough, or glitter or scented essences such as vanilla and peppermint. Provide your child with cutters, cake tins, paper cases, empty chocolate box trays, birthday candles etc. and let them enjoy designing and make their own cakes.

Talk about size, quantity, shape and then you could set up a bakery role-play area where children can display and 'sell' their cakes and confectionery. Encourage them to make name and price labels. As you talk with your child you can introduce vocabulary such as number names, full, empty, more, less, heavy, light, big, bigger, small, smaller

Questions to ask

 How many cake cases do we need if we are going to make a cake for family member, how many spaces are left in the cake tin when we have put four cases in?

Extension ideas

Sing Five Currant Buns in the Baker’s Shop (Link Below) use children's made buns and cakes as props when you sing the number rhyme. Provide real penny coins for children to use to 'buy' a currant bun.

 Sing 'Pat-a-cake' with children, marking their 'cakes' with the first letter of their name and talking about different letter shapes, names and sounds.

If you would like to make real cup cakes with your child as a weekend treat, you can’t go wrong with the BBC Recipe. Click on the link below.

Children love to bake and cupcakes are a good introduction to baking together.

There are many other activities on the blog today, Shazna is reading one of our favourite stories about the Bethnal Green Toy Museum, Sam is read “Supertato” Kamran is talking about phonics, Hanan has an activity and a song and Judy is signing and singing a song especially for our children in red class.

Have a lovely day and keep sending in your pictures.



'Lost in the Toy Museum' by David Lucas read by Shazna

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Phonics with Kamran

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Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Eric Carle signed and read by Judy

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Old Macdonald Had a Farm - signed by Judy

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Sing and sign along with Judy 'Shake the Shaker' song

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What does Teddy like? with Hanan

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Sing along with Hanan, Ten Little Bubbles Pop Pop Pop....

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Supertato Veggies Assemble by Sue Hendra and Paul Linnet, read by Sam

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