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Friday 21st May

Friday 21st May 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Today is focus Friday so children have been working with their key person on their special books/learning journeys. These books belong to the child and are a record of their time at Children’s House. They show progress over time and are given to each child to keep when they leave nursery. We often have secondary age pupils telling us they still have their special books and that they enjoy looking at them.

Out in the garden there was still interest in the forest area and mud kitchen and the woodwork bench. Children are adding buildings they have made to the class farm. Today they were designing and making wooden enclosures for the animals.

As it was raining for much of the day children are of course naturally drawn to puddles, they enjoyed painting with rain water using large brushes, floating boats in the puddles and observing the snails who always come out to visit when it rains.

In red class children enjoyed printing and painting with their fingers.

Have a lovely weekend.

Busy at the woodwork bench

Finger painting in red class

Focus Friday