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Friday 25th June

Friday 25th June 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

The weekend is here.

Today is focus Friday so as usual, indoors children have been working on their special books. We also said goodbye to two lovely boys in the first floor class who have moved to a new house out of the area. We have loved having them at Children’s House and wish them all the best in their new home and schools. They will always be a part of our Children’s House family and I hope they will have happy memories of their time here.

Out in the garden children continued their role play in the forest area, they also enjoyed using the hockey sticks to dribble balls around cones and over in red class the children were learning all about colour by playing a parachute game. They also enjoyed reading books together.

There are also a number of child initiated projects taking place, for example one child was researching about space and then created his own rocket out of lego.

Have a good evening.

Parachute Fun in Red Class

Story Time

Let's go round the cones....