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Friday 26th February

Friday 26th February 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Today is focus Friday so everyone in nursery has been busy updating their learning journeys. Children in red class were enjoying looking at each other’s baby photos and talking about how they had changed. They enjoyed seeing the pictures of their teachers as babies too.

Staff have also been busy preparing for the return of all children on March 8th. This means updating risk assessments, checking resources, revisiting policies etc. We are looking forward to having everyone back in nursery.

There are many exciting things happening this half term including:

  • World Book Day on the 4th March
  • Science Week 8th – 12th March
  • Red Nose Day – 19th March
  • Easter Egg Hunt, Hat Competition and Raffle on 25th March

If your child has been at home since December now is the time to start preparing them for the return to nursery. We will do our best to make sure that your child’s return is fun and exciting and we worked hard to make the environment as safe as possible.

However how children react to coming back to nursery will be highly individual. Some children will be raring to go and looking forward to playing with their friends, whilst others maybe anxious and want to stay home with you.

Please know that children adapt very quickly but there are things you can do to help the return to nursery go smoothly.

  1. Speak to your child about the benefits of going back to nursery. Remind them of their friends and teachers and all the fun things they will be doing. Show them the blog and all the activities that happen every day
  2. Re-establish your normal routine in advance. Your child’s routine may have been very different during lockdown, and it may be overwhelming for them to go back suddenly to their usual routine. Next week re-establish the normal weekly routine of early bed time and getting up in the morning. Take children out for some exercise at the time you would normally be leaving the house for nursery, this will help them get used to being up and about before nine
  3. Practice our safety measures, hand washing, blowing noses and catching coughs and sneezes
  4. If your child was not toilet trained in December, have a final push now
  5. Practice putting on coats and shoes so your child can be as independent as possible.

A few months is a long time for young children and your child may have changed a lot since they last came to nursery. Do speak to your key person if you want to share any changes in your child's interests or behaviour or any other concerns you might have.

Above all if you are positive then your child will be too. Nursery is fun and there is plenty for your child to look forward to.

Finally please remember there are now 3 entrances, we ask that only one parent brings each child to school and that you form one queue at each gate. Adults must wear a face covering when picking up and collecting.

Please also remember although we would love to talk to you we really can’t do this at the gate as we are supervising the arrival and departure of 150 children. Any questions etc. please e-mail your key person or telephone the school.

Thank you for all your patience and help, you’ve all been doing a great job.


Have a lovely weekend.


We look forward to welcoming all children back on the 8th March

Red class have been learning all about babies

Transient art using natural materials

Self selected activities in ground floor class

Story Time with Sadia - "So Much" - by Trish Cook

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