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Friday 5th February

Friday 5th February 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

What a beautiful Friday it turned out to be, it was lovely to see a bright blue sky and even catch a few glimpses of the sun. Children certainly seized the moment and enjoyed parachute games out in the garden.

We also had a surprise visitor in the form of a giant gingerbread man!

 Children were so excited to meet him. You can see the photos below. Can you guess who it is? Some of the first floor children then made up their own song to sing with the gingerbread man. You can listen to it on the blog today.

Today is also focus Friday so children worked on their special books and had individual catch ups with their teachers.

In the afternoon after a busy week children enjoyed playing board games together.

This weekend why not try a board game together as a family?

Board games are great way for children to learn all about turn taking, they offer wonderful opportunities for early learning. Even simple games help young children to identify colors, count spaces, and develop hand-eye coordination and dexterity in moving cards and pieces around the board.

Playing a board game is essential for the development of your child’s social skills and it provides an exciting environment of competition and motivation. Playing a game together encourages verbal expression while developing qualities like patience and determination. Concentration and memory are improved by focusing on the game, as children have to remember the rules and when it’s their turn to make a move. Board games are also useful for the development of critical thinking skills. In addition children develop the ability to focus longer and develop spatial awareness.

However, one of the greatest benefits of board games is the time spent together. The whole family can play board games and spend quality time with each other. So this weekend dust of the competitive spirit and let’s get playing!

Suggested games include, colour lotto, snakes and ladders, go fish, operation, pop up pirates, hungry hippo, dominoes. There are lots of reasonably priced games on Amazon and each family will have their own favourites. Do let us know what you enjoy at home so others can give it a go too.

Have a lovely weekend.

Singing with the Gingerbread Man

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Look who visited the first floor class today

Focus Friday

Red Class are printing with cars and hands

A star is born.....

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Who is hiding behind the!

Exercise outdoors is fun

Making gingerbread men all by herself....well done!

Having fun learning and playing at home

More delicious gingerbread men - Early Words Together

Early Words Together - family learning

A red class friend busy at home

Help from big brother

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Working together

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Brothers at work

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