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Friday 5th November

Friday 5th November 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Today is Bonfire Night. Every year across the UK people gather around to celebrate this day.

There are often firework displays in public parks across the country and people light bonfires with an effigy to represent historical figure Guy Fawkes.

This quintessentially British activity each year refers to an event which could have changed the course of British history almost 400 years ago.

In 1605, a group of Roman Catholic activists arranged their Gunpowder Plot, but it failed. At the time, King James I reigned over a Protestant England the group wanted the freedom to practise their religion.

Guy Fawkes, an explosives expert, along with the rest of the group plotted to assassinate King James and blow up the Palace of Westminster during the state opening of Parliament. Fawkes smuggled 36 barrels under the House of Lords into a cellar.

However, he was caught and sent to the Tower of London, tortured to give up the names of his co-conspirators and then executed in January 1606 for high treason.

As a result of the failed plot, James I celebrated his survival by making the people of England have a bonfire on the night on 5 November.

This year because of Covid there will be no public firework displays. If you are having fireworks at home, please stay safe. Keep pets and small children indoors and always follow the firework safety code below. Never allow children to handle fireworks.

Today children enjoyed special sparklers in nursery closely supervised by their teachers. They all enjoyed the day.

We also had the last session of our Healthy Families course today. Parents enjoyed cooking chilli roasted potatoes and sushi rolls. It was a lovely end to the course. 

Have a lovely weekend


Stay Safe - Follow the Firework Code

Remember Remember - The Fifth of November

Red Class enjoy sparklers with close one to one adult supervision

Healthy Families