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Friday 6th November

Good afternoon everyone,

This week because the clocks went back as British Summer Time ended the children have been learning all about light and dark and day and night. As part of this work they have been fascinated to discover facts about animals who are awake at night i.e. nocturnal animals. They have discovered which animals and birds are nocturnal and how they have evolved physical traits which enable them to roam in the dark. For example they discovered that some nocturnal animals have bigger eyes with wide pupils. Owl eyes for example are so big that they can’t move in their socket, so they have flexible necks so they can turn their heads. Other nocturnal animals depend on hearing, or their sense of smell and snakes even find their way around in the dark by using taste to locate their prey. Below is a link to a lovely BBC film all about animals that come out at night when we are sleeping.

Our story of the week was all about owls. The children have been listening to “Owl Babies” written by Martin Waddell and illustrated by Patrick Benson

This is the story of three baby owls who wake up one night in their hole in the tree to find that their mother has gone, so they sit on the branch and wait, wondering when she will return. At last she does, and they all bounce up and down with joy, welcoming her home. This is a reassuring story for children and one of their favourites. Below is a link so you can listen to it with your child and perhaps ask them to tell you everything they have learned about owls this week.

Today is Focus Friday so indoors children have been working on their learning journeys. Next week we will be focusing on Road Safety as it is National Road Safety Week.

Have a lovely weekend and remember stay safe and only leave home for exercise or to buy food.

Nocturnal Animals