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Friday 8th January

Friday 8th January 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Firstly please can I apologise for having to cut short the afternoon session today. Thank you to everyone for collecting your child. Unfortunately Thames Water turned off all water in the area without notice and when we went to ask when it would come back on we were informed 3-4 hours. This meant the toilets were out of action and we had no water for hand washing or cleaning.

Had we known in advance we would of course have filled containers with water.

We are missing all of our children still at home, how is everyone getting on? Next week your key person will call to see who wants to stay at home during lockdown and who is interested in sending their child back to nursery.

We also want to know how you are doing and hope that you are all well.

Today I am going to blog about Phonics and how you can help your child at home.

 In nursery we follow a programme called “Letters and Sounds” this is the first phase of teaching children to read and supports children in linking sounds to letters there are seven aspects to this programme:

Environmental sounds, instrumental sounds, body percussion, rhythm and rhyme, alliteration, voice sounds and oral blending and segmenting.

Phase one is an exciting start to learning about sounds. Children are encouraged to develop their speaking and listening skills ready for reading and writing.

The best thing you can do as a parent is to take every opportunity to talk to your child and take every opportunity to listen and read books, books and more books!

You can also play listening games together such as what can you hear indoors? What can you hear outdoors? You could go on a listening walk, and give your child a wooden spoon to tap as they walk along. How many different sounds can they make as they tap on a wall, a face, the floor, on grass etc.?

Listen to different instruments on You Tube can your child guess if it is a shaker, a drum, or a guitar string.

Sing together and make your own shakers, use your body to make sounds, clapping, stamping, patting knees etc. Clap out the beat of a nursery rhyme, clap your own beat and ask your child to copy it.

Teach nursery rhymes and say them together and for children who are already linking letters to sounds, click on the link below so children can practice their sounds and join in singing with Shazna.

Have a lovely weekend, enjoy Mirka’s story and why not try to make your own slime.

Stay Safe



Let's practice phonics with Shazna

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Mirka reads "Peely Wally" by Kali Stileman

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Red class enjoy exploring paint with their fingers

Red class explore slime

Easy Slime Recipe

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