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Friday 8th October

Friday 8th October 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope that you enjoyed yesterday’s poems. The children really enjoyed listening to poetry and having a go at composing their own.

Today children brought their favourite toys in to nursery to talk about at circle time. This is an excellent way to have children talk to a wider audience and they all enjoyed looking at each other’s toys and saying why their toy was special to them.

There were some really good conversations and we took very good care of the precious toys.

We also had parachute games today and children enjoyed mark making in shaving foam

Writing with fingers in sand, shaving foam, cornflour helps children who haven’t quite mastered pencil control to draw, make marks and even form letters.

As the weather was unseasonably warm most children gravitated out to the garden where there was plenty of imaginative play taking place. There is a strong interest in making vehicles and going on outings.

Have a lovely weekend

My Favourite Toy...

Parachute Games

Mark making in shaving foam