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Friday 9th July

Friday 9th July 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope that your child enjoyed Sports Day 2021. It was certainly lots of fun and everyone was a winner!

The nine teams were all different insects and each team had its own chant. You could probably hear them all the way to Tesco.

Children had a round robin itinerary of different games and races including, a sack race, over and under race, long jump, dribbling round cones with a hockey stick, relay race, stilt walking and egg spoon. They enjoyed a delicious fruit platter picnic afterwards.

All their practice paid off and every child was able to participate. We have some quite talented young athletes and I expect everyone will sleep well tonight.

At the end of the day the staff had races which were won by Shazna.

On Monday children in main nursery do not need to wear uniform as we are videoing the class songs and dances for you.


Have a lovely weekend


Sports Day at Children's House

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Sports Day continued ...

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Go go ground floor.......

First Floor fun at Sports Day

Red class ready to roll.....