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Ideas for healthy packed lunches

Lunchtime at Children's House Nursery School 


We know how important it is to ensure children have a positive experience of eating together. At Children's House children enjoy their lunch in a family style service. They eat in their classroom with their friends. Children help set the table and clear it away afterwards. Sensitive and supportive adults help the children to serve their lunches.
Children's House operate as a packed lunch only school. If your child stays all day, please provide a healthy packed lunch. All children have access to fresh water and milk and are encouraged to enjoy their food, try something new and exchange chat during a sociable experience. We also have an independent table in each room where children can serve themselves and manage their own needs.
Lunch is a calm and enjoyable experience at Children's House and the high expectations of our staff ensure our Children's House Values are supported during this time.
Please see our Packed Lunch Policy and Guidelines below.