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Ideas to support your child's learning at home

Time and love are precious things you can give your child - no child will remember how tidy and clean their home was, but they will remember times you spent together playing.


There are so many things you can do with your child at home to help the learning.

Turn off the television, laptop and put your phone away: be present.


Try joining your child in their play, build together, laugh together, sing together.

Share stories and make some of your own up too!

Get your child to help you with preparing for meal times, counting cutlery or cups.

Write shopping lists together and go to the shop.

Go for a walk and look for treasure (feathers, stones, puddles, grass, cats... anything that you love!)

Play in the park together.

Play hide and seek.

Build a den with a sheet over a chair.


Please see any member of staff at school if you need any help or ideas with home learning.


The National Literacy Trust has some great ideas and information of you need help.

Words for Life


Useful Websites for Home Learning


Loving books together at home

Home learning with love my books – lots of ideas for fun, creative, reading activities at home


Love my books Family review panel page – a chance to add to and read reviews form other families 


Kid’s poems and stories with Michael Rosen youtube channel


Nick Sharatt’s Drawing tips and Nick Sharrat’s website

Shortlists for 2020 CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway medals announced


Anne Harding’s blog Reading news – latest research and articles


Anne Harding’s Book reviews


Alex T. Smith on the World Book Day website How to be a story detective. Follow and look up Alex’s #StoryStarters on Twitter for daily inspiration for writing stories


Early Education’s Picture books pedagogic page with many more links and references

Oliver Jeffers Stay at home story time - reading one of his books every evening at 6pm GMT. You can find on his website or follow on Instagram Live


Chris Haughton on his Facebook page reading stories daily at 5pm GMT


Mac Barnett reading books on his Instagram account at Mac Barnett (click on his photo on his profile for the live videos, which are kept on for 24 hours)

Rob Biddulph on Twitter sharing his illustrations with ‘draw-along videos’ and using the #DrawWithRobhashtag: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10am. Also on Facebook and Instagram


CBeebies storytime


Power of Pictures Authors and illustrators has many short films of writers and illustrators to inspire children