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May 2022

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Block Play at Children's House with the V&A

We were so lucky last week to enjoy a whole day's exploration with Kirsty from the Victoria & Albert's Museum of Childhood.

We know children need extended access to experiences so they can explore, return to and master them. 

Block play is part of our ongoing provision at Children's House but Kirsty brought some resources which further extended the experience and enthralled the children and adults.

Children were introduced to the resources which included building some Imagination Playground blue blocks, a range of fabrics, foil blankets and small balls

Children were encouraged to handle and explore the resources: Kirsty gave us a few inspirational ideas, showing us what we might like to do but children were given freedom to play.

It was very exciting and interesting to see what children did, how they negotiated and the exuberance with which they played.

Some children worked in teams building and creating 3D sculptures. Some began to develop a narrative in their play. Adults sensitively joined children in their play and did not lead the play.

Please read below some of the benefits of Block Play with children.

Also keep in touch with the Museum of Childhood: although they are currently closed for exciting redevelopments, they may be out on the road this summer:


Why Block Play?

  • When free to experiment with the simplest materials, children find ways to express and develop thoughts in imaginative play.
  • Block play offers an open-ended, creative and valuable play and learning experience available to every setting.
  • It offers children freedom – to explore, take apart and put back together any block-based creation they can think of.
  • There are a host of benefits to be gained from this activity.

Some of the Benefits of Block Play

  • Imagination – Through block play children are free to follow their own ideas as they embark on a voyage of discovery or share in the development of their friends’ creations.
  • Self-expression – Children are able to express themselves through their play, creations and discoveries, a form of communication that’s particularly valuable for bilingual or non-verbal children.
  • Problem-solving – Blocks offer a great platform to develop problem-solving and reasoning skills. This can be deliberate, with children consciously working to develop a solution, or as a natural consequence of play, as they learn first-hand what does and what doesn’t work.Observing Block Play
  • Are the children having and following their own ideas? Are they choosing and exploring their own ways of doing things?
  • Are the children willing to have a go and take risks in their block play? Do they keep trying if things don’t work?
  • Are the children involved? Are they concentrating on what they want to achieve?
  • Are the children enjoying their play and discoveries? Do they enjoy achieving what they set out to do? By scaffolding ideas using open-ended questions or making ‘I wonder’ and ‘I notice’ comments to children, block play becomes an exciting environment in which practitioners can develop a deeper understanding of a child’s world.

Block Play at Children's House

Block Play

Eid Mubarak!

At Children's House we love a celebration with our school community.

Today we celebrated Eid together with our children.

Many children and staff came to school dressed in special party clothes: it was a feast for the eyes. 

Children shared lots of talk and communicated whether they had celebrated with their families.

Some children had been to mosque, they wore special clothes and shared special food.

Some people gave each other gifts too.

"We gave Eid hugs"

"We eat yummy food"

"I did mendhi on my hands"

"We visit family"

"I wake up and have a bath" 

"I am wearing my new Eid clothes"

"We go to the mosque"

"We give each other Eid presents"

At school we enjoyed an Eid Party, by singing and signing some special Eid songs, sharing some drawings children had done and dancing our socks off!

We shared some party food and had a joyful time. 

Eid Mubarak to all our families and friends from your Children's House family!

More photographs to follow!


Eid Mubarak!