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Monday 10th May

Monday 10th May 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

There was plenty of excitement in nursery today, as many children are aware that it is almost Eid. We will be sending out a text message tomorrow evening just as soon as we know if Eid falls on Wednesday or Thursday. This information will also be posted on the home page of the website if for some reason you don’t receive a text.

Today children started the week with circle time and then were busy were digging for fossils and hidden dinosaurs, using hammers and nails on the tap it boards and finishing off Eid Preparations.

This included making cards, and practicing drumming and singing out in the playground.

We have missed our drumming lessons this year however it was good to see how quickly children got the hang of it and were able to play rhythmically.

Have a nice evening

Digging for dinosaurs

Drumming and singing together

Designing and making an Eid card

Our youngest artists at work in red class