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Monday 13th September

Monday 13th September 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Today we welcomed new children to nursery, it was lovely to greet some of our old families whose older children came here and great to welcome new families to our community. We hope everyone will enjoy their experience of Children’s House.

On Monday we start our week with circle time, this is a chance for children to share their news and hear about the activities taking place over the week.

Outdoors children harvested more potatoes and enjoyed sorting them by size, weighing them and comparing different types of potatoes. We also extended their learning by discussing all the different ways we can cook and eat potatoes.

Children also learned that potatoes are 80% water and that they are a vegetable as well as other interesting facts.

Indoors children were learning to name parts of the body as part of our Term One focus on ourselves. Children in red class enjoyed sensory play, puzzles, helping to prepare snack and greeting new friends.

Have a lovely evening

Harvesting our potatoes

Learning all about our bodies