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Monday 14th December

Monday 14th December 2020

Good evening everyone,

As we enter the last week of term, I would really like to thank everyone for their patience, understanding and support this term. COVID hit our school community hard with many families and staff affected. Our thoughts are with everyone who is sick or has lost a loved one during this time. We will get through this but for many it really is a difficult and challenging time.

Being with the children keeps us all going and we firmly believe that school is the right place for them. Here they can play with friends, enjoy indoor and outdoor activities and above all have fun with each other.

This week we are focusing on mark making and cutting. We support children’s early emerging writing by encouraging them to “write” with a purpose in mind. For example, “can you make a label for your peg” in this way children learn to see why we write and why it is important. You will never see a child being asked to laboriously copy adult writing.

However, as soon as we see that a child is beginning to write letters we quickly teach the correct formation to prevent the wrong habits becoming established.

Out in the garden children spontaneously decided they were going to construct a sleigh for Santa, they then had fun using it in their role play.

Today Guthsna and I worked with garden designers as we plan to totally refurbish our outdoor play area. We have asked the children what they would like and welcome your input so please do e-mail suggestions.

Have a lovely evening

Designing a sleigh for Santa

Practicing cutting skills (and making a party hat)

Developing Fine Motor Skills