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Monday 17th May

Monday 17th May 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope that all our families celebrating last week had an enjoyable Eid. Today we held our Eid parties in nursery which were enjoyed by both children and staff. We missed celebrating with parents and carers however, do please watch the video below to get an idea of the fun the children had.

Children watched a performance of drumming, singing and dancing then a short explanation of how Eid day is celebrated. Children from Red Class also came over to watch the older children perform.

Children also enjoyed party games such as musical chairs and musical statues and dancing before being served party food which included fresh pakoras, yellow handesh and Nunor Bora as well as fruit and cakes.

I would imagine that everyone went home full. It was a special day and all children enjoyed learning about Eid and celebrating and sharing together.

On a different note you will all have received a text message today asking that everyone over the age of 11 takes a COVID Test. The letter of explanation was attached. Do please get tested as this is the best way we can help stop the spread of new COVID variants.

Have a lovely evening.

Cousins share an Eid Greeting

Red Class ready for the Eid Party

First Floor Class enjoy Eid Celebrations

Ground Floor Class at the Eid Party