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Monday 18th October

Monday 18th October 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

A quick reminder that on Friday we finish for the half-term break. Children’s House will be closed for one week and will open again on Monday 1st November. Can you believe how quickly this half-term has gone?

Today in nursery children have been learning songs from Africa in particular Simama Kaa from Tanzania and Che Che Koolay from Ghana.

Other children have been exploring how their bodies move and making jointed models using split pins.

These activities are led by staff, however much of our work is following the children’s lead and supporting their own play based activities. In addition we have what is called continuous provision, this refers to activities that are always available for children such as block play, sand play , water play, painting, drawing, puzzles, reading books, outdoor play, small world including trains, cars a dolls house and the home corner. Children are free to choose where they would like to play and with what. However, adults will invite them to the adult led activities so they get a balance of child initiated and teacher led learning.

There has also been a lot of interest in the animals from the story “Handa’s surprise” and today children made a zoo using blocks and other children painted their own pictures.

In red class children made their playdough for the week.

Have a lovely evening.

Paintings inspired by Handa's Surprise

Making a jointed model

Making dough in red class, thank you parents for helping...