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Monday 19th October

Good afternoon everyone,

This week children are acknowledging and celebrating Black History Month as a special time of year. This is one of the ways that we approach the themes of African-Caribbean history, achievement and experience with young children.  We offer children opportunities to engage in relevant first-hand experiences which can help them to make connections between different lives, cultures and experiences and offer starting points for discussion around similarities and differences. It is important to note however that valuing and celebrating diversity is an integral part of our everyday practice in the early years, not something that is just focused on at certain times or dates. October is a time to celebrate, review our planning for equalities and organise some extra special events but we avoid a once-a-year-only approach to these activities.

Throughout the year we carefully plan activities which will allow children to explore different aspects of African-Caribbean experience in a meaningful way, through purposeful play, food and cooking, stories and storytelling, songs and rhymes, music and dance, displays, languages, celebrations, photographs and games and numbers.

Today children explored African pottery with Shazna, had a go at making their own clay pinch pots, looked at African prints with Mannor and in the garden they learnt about African drumming with Kamran and played the djembe drums.

The two year olds had sensory fun with foaming soap.

Have a good evening and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.

African Pottery - exploring clay

Exploring pattern and print

Playing the djembe drums

Two year olds explore foaming soap