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Monday 21st December


  • Listen to the link below. Sing along to the song counting to and back from 10.
  • Get your grown-up to complete an action with you and count how many you have done. Can you say what the total number was that you did
  • Can you do
    • 5 jumps
    • 3 squats
    • 10 taps on your head,
    • 4 taps on your knees
    • 2 turns
    • 8 arm stretches up
    • any other actions you can count
  • Remember to count slowly and say one number for each action. 
  • Remember the last number you say is how many you have done


This week we have been working on Body Percussion and using our bodies to make different sounds.

  • Listen to the song below and try to join in with the different actions.
  • Get your grown-up to make different sounds with different parts of their body with the body eg clap, stamp, click, tap on the legs etc. Repeat this several times and join in with your grown-up.
  • Close your eyes and get a grown-up to make one of the sounds you have been practising. 
  • Open your eyes and try to work out which action is was that your grown-up did.
  • Repeat this several times for different actions.

Mark Making

If you are beginning to do so please remember to practise to copy the letters in your name. For everyone else, please practising drawing anticlockwise circles and lines with pencils, crayons, chalk, sand and a stick, paint or water and paintbrushes. This helps us to develop our muscles so that we can begin to write when we are ready.

Talk Time

This week's Talk Time is all about different rules. Watch the video below to learn about a few rules for Road Safety. Talk to use child about the different rules when crossing the road. Try to get them using the sentence starter "we crossing the road, you have to...". Talk about where you live and certain features of the roads e.g. traffic lights, zebra crossings etc.

Learning Break Ideas

In your Learning Breaks today, you could have a move around your garden or your living room.

  • Can you run?
  • Can you skip?
  • Can you hop?
  • Can you march?
  • Can you jump?
  • Can you tip-toe?