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Monday 21st September

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope that you all had a good weekend. Today your child will bring home a letter from the Public Health Directorate in Tower Hamlets. We have worked hard to make Children’s House as safe as possible, however COVID infections are on the rise so we must follow guidance to help prevent a second wave of infection. Attached to the letter is a guidance sheet which explains what to do if you think your child has symptoms and how you can book a test.

Today we are continuing to welcome the last of our new children, most children are settled however, please don’t worry if your child is still a little clingy and upset at the gate. We never leave children to cry and will always call you if they are really distressed. All children are different and some children take longer than others to settle, if you are concerned please do call or e-mail your key person.

Today in nursery children were enjoying finding out what their bodies can do, they were seeing if they hop, skip, jump, run, stop and start. They really enjoyed these games outdoors.

Inside children were learning to name body parts, make bodies and look at nonfiction books to see how books can teach us new things.

Everyone had a busy day and we hope you have a lovely evening.

Our Amazing Bodies