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Monday 22nd March

Monday 22nd March 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

I hope that you all had a good weekend. We are now in the last week of the spring term and it is so good to have everyone back in nursery again. We are welcoming the rest of our new children this week and hope that they will all be very happy here.

Today the youngest children planted their summer bulbs in their new planters, these should all be in bloom before the end of the school year, so do look out for them as you walk past.

Indoors children had the task of designing and making their own Easter basket, ready for the egg hunt on Thursday. It could be any type of basket however it has to be strong enough to hold an egg.

When children take part in an activity like this the focus is always on the process, rather than the end product.

 What we mean by this is, it’s the process of learning that is to be enjoyed.  Too often we put the emphasis on children’s paintings, drawings, or little cut out shapes, but forget that it’s the experience of painting, drawing, and cutting that matter most to a child’s development.

For children, it’s easy to enjoy the process because they haven’t yet been conditioned to value product over process.  You can see evidence of this in that many three or four year olds will spend time creating a piece of artwork only to forget it at school or toss it aside when it’s finished. 

In nursery we support children’s innate experience that the present moment is really important.  What if we agreed with them that the feeling of the sand moving through their fingers is just as valuable as an ornate sand castle? 

The end product of today’s activity may be a basket , but the thinking, designing, experimenting, cutting and sticking that went on are far more important.

Have a lovely evening and don’t forget your Easter bonnets for Thursday.

Red class plant their summer bulbs

Designing and making an Easter basket strong enough to hold an egg

Developing gross motor skills in the garden