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Monday 28th September

Good afternoon everyone, it was nice to see the sun return today, it was lovely and warm out in the garden and the children enjoyed playing with their friends in the fresh air.

Shakila was teaching children how to use the large blocks safely and independently and Rina was working with children in the forest area.

Indoors children learnt how to make their own playdough from scratch and as we are focusing on our senses children were able to add perfumed essences to their mix. Children had lots of fun asking their friends to guess what the dough smelled of, we had lemon scented dough, orange scented dough, strawberry dough, peppermint dough and even rose dough.

Children also enjoyed exploring corn flour and water and adding drops of food colouring to the mix. This is a fabulous sensory and science activity which helps children to learn about the concepts of solid and liquid.

Red class were also very busy today exploring dough, building with blocks and again enjoying the sunshine.

Don’t forget on Wednesday we have the first of our outdoor learning courses for parents .We are running our courses in smalls groups of no more than five, so do sign up soon.

Have a lovely evening and see you all tomorrow.

Making scented dough

Block Play

Fun in the Forest Area