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Monday 29th November

Monday 29th November 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

I am sure you will all know that there is a new variant of Covid. To help slow down the spread we have all been asked to resume mask wearing in public spaces.

Therefore please can we respectfully request that masks are worn on the school gate and that you maintain social distancing at all times. Thank you in advance for your support with this. This will help to keep us all safe.

Today there was a winter wonderland waiting as children went out to play. Everything was sparkling with frost and ice. Naturally children were fascinated and as we follow their interests any planned activities gave way to an exploration of ice.

Before you read on please please read this carefully!

Before giving ANY ice to your child to play with make sure that you swill the ice blocks or cubes under the tap. This begins the melting process which will avoid the ice sticking to their skin! This is so important.

Today children collected ice using the small spades and shovels, rinsed it and were allowed to briefly hold it as they described how it felt, “freezing, cold, slippery, like an ice lolly, like a glass” were just some of the words the children said to describe it.

They discussed how the cold turned water solid and how heat caused it to melt or thaw. They then filled containers with water and left them around the garden to see if it will freeze tonight.

In the forest area children made mud paint and enjoyed using it to paint on the trees and on paper, as you can imagine this was a popular activity and children who rarely paint indoors were really attracted to the idea of painting with mud outdoors.

In red class our youngest children enjoyed making roads and railways for their cars and trains.

Have a lovely evening.

Roads and rail tracks in red class

The first ice of the season

Mud Painting