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Monday 30th November

Monday 30th November 2020

Good evening everyone,

Firstly a huge thank you for your fund raising efforts. We haven’t finished counting the sponsor money yet. However it looks like we have raised more money than ever before. So thank you for your generosity in difficult times. We really appreciate it. Every penny we raise supports extra activities for the children.

I will post the final total once it is all added up.

This week we are focusing on a narrative, the children are enjoying the story “Whatever Next” by Jill Murphy. There is a link at the end of the blog if you would like to listen at home. We are basing our teaching around the book. Children are learning how to sequence a story, how to use their imaginations and how to use different objects to represent something else. For example a colander for a space helmet!

On the blog today is some footage of a group of children sequencing and retelling the story.

In addition to this Shazna was leading “helicopter” stories. This is an approach we use to help develop communication and literacy through bringing children’s own stories to life. It was first developed by Vivian Gussin Paley and is now embedded in our story telling curriculum.

Out in the garden children went on a “space” adventure and kept warm with group games.

In Red Class children read "Shark in the Park", they then made their own telescopes. They have also been busy printing and making different coloured dough.

Have a lovely evening.


"Whatever Next" - Role Play

Helicopter Stories in Ground Floor Class

Sequencing a story in first floor class

Printing and making coloured dough in red class

There's a Shark in the Park by Nick Sharratt - Making Telescopes in Red Class