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Monday 6th December

Monday 6th December 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Unfortunately, our server is still broken, so we have no access to our online files, e-mails etc. So please do call the school if your e-mail enquiries are not immediately answered.

Today we welcomed the parents of new children starting in January, we also welcomed our new head teacher Becky. I hope you all got to meet her during her recent visits. If not please don’t worry, there will be plenty of time in January.

As we move into the last two weeks of term we are talking to the children about celebrations and how every faith group enjoys special days and holidays. In this way children are helped to see the similarities between themselves and others and make connections between what they may do compared to their friends.

Children had an introduction to Christmas today and started to learn some Christmas songs which we hope to share with you all next week.

Tomorrow there will be a text and letter home outlining the arrangements for the end of term. We would of course love to have you all on site however given the rapid rise in Covid cases we are following safety advice and sticking to social distancing. There will be an opportunity to gather in the playground together to hear children singing their end of term songs.

Next week children will still meet Father Christmas and enjoy Christmas Parties. We also have a Christmas jumper day on Wednesday 15th December.

Have a lovely evening