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Monday 7th September

Good afternoon everyone,

What an amazing time we have all had today. It was wonderful to see all our children return so happily and to see all our parents and carers again after so long. Every child has had a good day and there was hardly a tear to be seen. I would like to thank you all for the work you have done to prepare your child for nursery. It went so smoothly, children said goodbye at the gate or door and came straight in and washed their hands ready to start the day.

We are teaching all children the NHS wash your hands song. We used it during lockdown and it was successful. Please click on the link below if you would like to practice at home.

Unless you are exempt, please can we ask all parents to wear a mask on the gate, this helps us to protect each other and helps staff on the gate to stay safe. We will be greeting over 140 parents with their children during the day.

Could we also ask that only one parent accompanies a child as this will ease the congestion and there must be no drop off by car outside the school gates.

There are three separate entrances in operation and you will have all received a copy of our COVID guidance which explains the new procedures.

Today children enjoyed learning to make playdough, mix paints and telling each other all about their families. We were outside in the fresh air as much as possible as it was a beautiful day.

We have an exciting term ahead with many fun activities. Check the website each day for updates.

Have a lovely evening

Welcome Back Everyone - Wonderful to be together again