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Head Teacher's End of Term Letter to Parents/Carers

Dear Parents/Carers,


As this school year draws to a close and we approach the last day of nursery for many of the children. I want to thank each and every one of you. Firstly, for choosing Children’s House Nursery School and secondly for trusting us with your child’s education and finally for all the support that you have given us as teachers. I also want to thank every child for all the warmth, memories and the learning that we have shared over the year.

It has been a busy and fun twelve months with an Outstanding Ofsted inspection in January and the achievement of the Pearson’s Early Years Shine a Light Award in March.

We have had many trips and outings and of course fun days including our Nativity Play, Eid Party, Easter Egg Hunt and Hat Competition, Pantomime, Summer Fete, Sports Day and a final Leaver’s Trip to Paradise Park.

We have made so many happy memories together.

As the nursery closes on Friday another door is opening for your child as they embark on the next stage of their educational journey.

Children have learnt so many things during their time with us and I am pleased to report that progress and attainment are both outstanding.

These are important things of course but children have also learnt many more equally valuable things, including how to be a good friend, how to resolve conflict, how to persevere, how to find their own solutions and how to always do their best.

We can’t always “be the best”, but we can always “do our best” and I hope the children understand this and take it away with them. We are sending off to primary school, kind, inquisitive, independent, curious children who love to learn. We are so proud of each one.

Please always remember that although you are leaving Children’s House you remain a part of the "Children’s House Family".

We have a proud history going back nearly a hundred years and every child and family that has passed through the doors has played a unique part in putting Children’s House at the heart of our community.

Please do keep in touch, visit us and take away happy memories of your child’s first year at nursery school.


Thank You


Have a safe and enjoyable holiday


Kind regards





Head teacher