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Our Children's House Values

Our Children's House Values

Our Children’s House Values


The Children’s House Values underpin everything we do at nursery.                     

They have been created in line with the British Values of Democracy, Individual Liberty, Rule of Law and Respect.

Everyone who comes to our school is expected to support the Children’s House Values.


We have a voice.

We have a choice.

We share and take turns.

We show respect to everyone and everything.

Our values permeate everything we do: we want our children to refer to them to support each other, independently problem solving and managing their own behaviour. At Children’s House, children know they will be listened to and their words valued; we want children to speak up for what they believe and feel trusted and safe to do so.

We will be sharing the Children’s House Values with families so you can use them at home.


Please talk to your child about the Children’s House Values and see how they work at home too.