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Thursday 10th December

Thursday 10th December 2020

Good evening everyone,

Today is a Think Equal day. In the ground floor and first floor classes children listened to a story about “Amazing Daisy” (Nozwie Herero) the duck who hadn’t learnt to fly.

Daisy set herself a goal to learn how to fly and by working hard and practicing she soon learnt to use her wings. This aim of the story is to develop children’s self-knowledge and self-esteem, and to help them to understand the importance of persistence and having another go.

At Children’s House we encourage children to fail because that is how we learn, if children know that it is ok to get things wrong they are far more likely to try again.

After listening to the story and discussing it together, each child made their own Daisy Duck to remind them to keep trying.

Children also set themselves a goal they wanted to achieve. One child in the ground floor class said she wanted to learn how to cut (with scissors) and by the end of this afternoon she had mastered the skill through sheer perseverance.

In the first floor class another child when asked her goal, replied to “save the world” (Big ambitions at Children’s House).

The leavers also had their graduation photos today and in the garden Shakila was teaching party games ready for the celebration next week.

Have a lovely evening.


"Amazing Daisy"

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