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Thursday 10th June

Thursday 10th June 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Another beautiful day. In nursery the children have been busy exploring different fruits, this is part of their work around the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. This little caterpillar eats his/her way through many different fruits on the journey to becoming a butterfly.

You can listen to the story together at home by clicking on the link below.

In the garden children made healthy fruit kebabs with Sadia. This is an easy activity to do at home and a good way to introduce pattern, sequencing and counting. Children arranged fruit on their sticks for example strawberry, banana, mango, strawberry, banana, and mango. They then counted how many pieces of fruit they could fit on their kebab stick before enjoying a healthy and refreshing snack.

In the ground floor class children made fruit smoothies with Shazna, if you have a blender at home this is simple to do, you just need fruit of any kind, milk, yoghurt, ice cream, or just plain ice. Add to the blender and swoosh it all up.

Some children loved them whilst others were not so sure, however, everyone enjoyed choosing, tasting and chopping up different fruits.

In the first floor classroom children were busy exploring symmetry, they used mirrors to look at butterfly wings and made their own symmetrical pictures by painting on one half of a sheet of paper and then folding it over.

Red class learnt how to play hopscotch and made spider webs for their spiders.

We also had the first session of our Strengthening Families Course,

Triple P starts next week so do let us know if you are interested in a parenting course which covers topics such as establishing a routine, managing behavior etc.

Have a lovely evening.

Exploring symmetry

Fruit Kebabs mmmmmmm......

Planning, making and tasting smoothies

Red class play hopscotch and make spider webs (threading)