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Thursday 14th January

Thursday 14th January 2020

Good Afternoon,

I hope you are all having a good day.

Today you will have received a text message with a final reminder to apply for a primary school place if your child was born between 1st September 2016 and 31st August 2017. You MUST apply by Friday 15th January.

You do this via the e-portal. We are here to help so please call the school office if you have problems.

Parents of children in the two-year-old provision (Red Class) please do not apply for a nursery place as your place in main nursery is guaranteed.

Throughout lockdown the parental engagement team have been running a series of online workshops for parents/carers. You can find out full details of the workshops by clicking the link below:


To book a place please e-mail:

You need to give your name and your child’s date of birth and school.

If your child is currently not attending school, they will be receiving remote education. To support families in Tower Hamlets here is a list of helpful links containing support, advice and teaching materials - covering home learning, keeping active, staying safe online, and much more.

Today in nursery children had a number focus and because of their interest in birds they made birds nest cakes as a treat (we normally do these at Easter).

You could have a go making these at home together.

Chocolate bird nests


Shredded wheat


Half a teaspoon of butter

Cadbury Mini Eggs


Crumble Shredded wheat into a bowl

Melt the chocolate and butter in a bowl standing in a pan of hot water (adults to do this part)

Remove melted chocolate from the heat and add shredded wheat until you can form the mixture into balls

Spoon into cake cases

Make a well in the middle and add mini eggs

Allow to set


This is a lovely activity for children as they observe chocolate melting and then setting back into a solid when the heat source is removed, there is an opportunity to count the cakes and calculate how many mini eggs are needed, there is 1:1 correspondence as eggs are added to cakes and plenty of opportunity for discussion.

The two year olds explored spaghetti today and experimented with food colouring, adding drops to milk and observing the patterns.

Today on the blog we have Rina singing and Judy reading one of our favourite books “Dear Zoo”

Don’t forget to apply for a school place. Apologies for the constant reminders. However, every year there are disappointed families who do not get the school of their choice because they forgot to apply on time.

Have a lovely evening.

Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell - read and signed by Judy

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A friend from ground floor class has a monster and a message

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Let's make bird's nests

Number Games

Sensory play with spaghetti

Exploring food colouring

Number rhymes with Rina and Kamran

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Join in with Rina

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