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Thursday 15th April

Thursday 15th April 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

We continued with art week today as well as welcoming new children to nursery.

Indoors children explored painting with string, this is a fun activity that is also easy to do at home. It was a great opportunity to introduce plenty of new vocabulary as children pulled, stretched, coiled, dipped and folded their string.

Over in red class children made delicious and healthy fruit kebabs and welcomed new friends. Our fifth set of twins joined today. Do we hold the record for the most twins in a school?

Children have also been creating stories, going on an adventure in their giant bus, playing counting games and learning about the names and styles of different artists.

Thank you for returning the dentist letters.

Have a lovely evening.


Painting with string in first floor class

Painting with string in ground floor class

Red class make fruit Kebabs and welcome new friends