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Thursday 18th March

Thursday 18th March 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Today on the last day of science week (tomorrow is Red Nose Day) our intrepid young scientists have been exploring chemical reactions. They have been looking at what happens when you mix baking soda with vinegar.

These two household products have been entertaining children around the world for decades due to their reaction with one another. When teaching a science based activity we often show children a balloon being blown up by this reaction, today the children used this reaction to make their own volcanoes.

This is a really enjoyable activity, however, what is actually going on behind the scenes that causes this visually pleasing reaction?

This reaction is known as an 'Acid-Base' reaction.

Baking soda is a base, and vinegar is an acid. Vinegar isn't just an acid, it is an acid in water, which is important.

The water in the vinegar acts as a host where the base and acid react. During the reaction, when the baking soda is mixed with the vinegar, the baking soda (Base) takes a proton from the vinegar (Acid). The reaction causes the baking soda to transform into water and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is a gas which is released during the reaction, which gives it the bubbling effect, and it expands which will blow up like a volcano.

The children really had a sense of awe and wonder as they tried it for themselves.

Have a lovely evening and don’t forget that tomorrow your child can wear something red.

Chemical reactions...volcanoes in the garden

Volcanoes indoors.....

Busy children in red class