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Thursday 19th November

Thursday November 19th 2020

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are all well. Yesterday you will have received a call from your key person. Please know that even though nursery is closed we are still here to help therefore, please e-mail if you have questions or queries.

Today the blog is about the importance of keeping to a routine with your child, even during challenging times like these.

Although setting up a routine requires structure, consistency and patience once a routine is established children feel safe and secure and you will notice improvements in well-being and behaviour.

Routines are important because they give children a sense of security and control over their environment. When life is organised and consistent at home and at school, children feel safe, secure and looked after. Especially during stressful times like these or during difficult stages of development.

 By creating a predictable daily routine, children also learn what to expect at various times of the day and experience a sense of control and satisfaction. A good routine can help a child control their behaviour because a lot of unwanted behaviour is   primarily triggered by hunger, tiredness or overstimulation, therefore developing a routine where your child eats and sleeps at certain times will help them emotionally prepare for the next task and understand what is expected of them when the task is completed.

Routines also help children to learn essential life skills and how the world works, a simple daily routine provides a basis for children to learn other essential skills such as basic hygiene, time-management, self-control, self-care, responsibility, independence, and confidence.

During nursery closure it might be tempting to let routines go a little but by keeping a good routine it will really comfort your child when so many things are unpredictable right now.

What might a good routine look like?

Wake your child at a similar time every morning and put them to bed at the same time each evening, let your child help with their self-care, it will take longer however, it is worth it as children take pride in washing, dressing and getting themselves prepared for the day.

Next let your child help to make a healthy breakfast (this is the most important meal of the day), they could count out bowls for the family, put out cutlery, pour cereal into bowls etc., children enjoy food more and are willing to try new things if they have been involved in the preparation.

After breakfast children need to be physically active, did you know young children need at least three hours’ active play every day. So put on coats and get out into the fresh air.

At home children need time for imaginative play, construction, creative activities, singing, rhymes and stories. Incorporate these into the day, provide a healthy morning and afternoon snack, cook together, let your child help with chores and talk, talk, talk together, most importantly have fun.

Today we have some of the children saying “hello” on the blog. Do send in your pictures and videos and we will post them every day. Mirka is also on the blog talking to the children about staying healthy and active and Guthsna is showing you all how to make playdough.

Have a lovely day and keep in touch.


Hello from a ground floor friend

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A busy friend at home

Keeping Fit and Healthy with Mirka

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Keeping Fit and Healthy with Mirka (part 2)

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Making Salt Dough with Guthsna

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