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Thursday 22nd April

Thursday 22nd April 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Today Harry the photographer was in school. He is excellent and has worked with us for many years. I’m sure that you will all be happy with the results. The pictures will soon be available to order online. I’m sorry that we could not offer family portraits this year.

Children had fun outdoors today painting with mops and in red class children experimented with making marks in paint.  Because we are unable to go on trips at the moment next week we are turning the top floor room into an art gallery, children will have tickets and will visit the exhibition to view all the work produced during art week.

Thursday evenings all the staff sit down together to plan the learning for the following week, so it always a shorter blog on a Thursday as we are busy preparing everything for next week.

Have a lovely evening


Block Play

Painting on a large scale

Red class explore paint