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Thursday 25th February

Thursday 25th February

Good afternoon everyone,

At Children’s House we teach the children to take care of the environment from the moment they start nursery. We are fortunate that we have a large garden and have kept a large piece uncultivated which we call our “forest area”, gardening is a wonderful way for young children to learn to care for the environment, to watch plants to grow and learn to take care of living things.

In the garden we have developed growing areas so that the children can grow annual flowers and vegetables each year in a garden that is fresh and interactive. Annual flowers such as nasturtiums and sunflower create living decorative screens along the boundaries of our garden. Climbing beans, peas, tomatoes and gourds can create edible fences. Raised beds and planters are at a level that is easy for children to work with so they can really care for the garden.

We also use our school grown produce in our cooking activities,

We have developed a small sensory area with simple plants that have particular features that heighten your senses; herbs that give off a smell when rubbed, for example.

We have also developed special habitats or bug hotels so the children can explore mini-beasts first hand.

As the weather is unseasonably warm, the garden is really springing to life which is fascinating the children.

Today children were looking for signs of spring, continuing their bug hunt and planting indoors.

At home save your carrot tops, avocado stones, apple seeds etc. and you can grow them into new plants. Just put a carrot top in a saucer of water and you will have a new plant growing within a few days.

On the blog today there is a link to the “save the planet “song that children are learning in nursery.


Have a lovely evening.

First floor plant cress seeds

Look at the lovely work in red class today

Exploring the environment