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Thursday 28th January

Thursday 28th January 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Today we had the first session of our six weeks Early Words Together programme. This course for parents explores different ways to develop children’s literacy skills in the home environment.

Children’s House holds the licence from the National Literacy Trust to deliver this training. We will be repeating the course on zoom, so do let us know if you are interested and we will put your name down. Children had great fun making masks at home and joining in the story with their parents. 

We have some more pictures today of busy children working at home, we have stick collecting, house building, cake making and writing all taking place. Well done everyone. (Especially well done parents/carers…we know how hard you are working).

In nursery today children enjoyed making life size paintings of the three little pigs and retelling the story to Salma. Children in red class made their houses for the three little pigs. We also enjoyed the lovely mild weather and making the most of being outdoors.

There are some pictures on the blog today of a fun activity suggested by Mirka that you may like to do at home, bubble blowing and bubble painting.

You will need some plastic beakers, drinking straws, milk and food colouring.

Add a few drops of food coloring to the milk, stir, give your child a straw and let them blow bubbles. Because we used no detergents it won’t matter if your child accidentally sucks instead of blows.

When they have a nice topping of bubbles on the beaker, quickly place a sheet of paper over the top and have a look at the amazing patterns the bubbles make. You can also join in with the bubble song by clicking on the link below.

This activity will keep children busy for hours.

Judy is signing and singing on the blog today and remember we have a live zoom session with Shazna tomorrow.

Have a lovely evening.

Let's blow bubbles

Retelling a story

Making houses in Red Class

What are we painting in class today?

Early Words Together - Zoom Session One

Collecting sticks to make an amazing house for a little pig, well done

A ground floor friend working hard at home, well done. We are proud of you

A house made of bricks and fun in the snow

A friend from red class focuses on her writing

What is our friend from red class making today?