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Thursday 27th May

Thursday 27th May 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Apologies for the short blog yesterday, however we had to evacuate the building after school had finished. I’m so pleased the electrical failing could be quickly resolved last night so that we could remain open. Apologies for the two text messages but it did look serious at one point, however it’s safely resolved. Thank you for your understanding.

We had a wonderful day today, children, staff and I’m sure parents were so happy to see the sun. We were starting to think that summer would never arrive. Children continued to visit the local park in small groups to observe flowers and nature and really enjoyed looking closely at things first hand. Outdoors children were busy printing with the vegetables they had previously bought at the local stall in Stroudeley Walk.

 Indoors the first floor were making their farm enclosures. Ground floor explored the capillary action of flowers to see how water travels up the stem of a plant. Meanwhile the two year olds were busy having great fun with corn flour gloop.

Have a lovely evening.

Exploring Nature in Bob's Park


Shopping for vegetables and printing

Capillary action in flowers