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Thursday 3rd December

Thursday 3rd December 2020

Good evening everyone,

What a grey day we have had. It didn’t deter our hardy children who still enjoyed the fresh air. A number of parents have asked recently if we can keep children indoors in colder weather. The quick answer is “no”. It is a curriculum requirement that nursery children have continuous access to outdoor play in all weathers. We are of course sensible and if it was dangerous for example a very heavy down pour, high winds or ice. We would stay inside. Otherwise staff are outdoors all day providing active play activities for children. Did you know that under-fives need at least three hours of physically active play each day?

It is far healthier for children to be outdoors, it develops their immune system and they are less likely to catch any of the bugs that may spread in warm classrooms.

At Children’s House everything we do is based on strong evidence and the latest research. Children who play outdoors really do grow up to be stronger and healthier.

So please don’t worry. If we notice a child is getting cold we will of course send them in to warm up and all children go in for snack time.

Today as part of our work around “Whatever Next”, children made their own picnic to have with the bear who went to the moon. They made their own delicious salad sandwiches. As you can see from the photographs they all enjoyed them for snack.

In the ground floor class children were constructing all kinds of exciting rockets and red class were preparing for their own sponsored cycle ride tomorrow. We are looking forward to seeing our two year olds riding their bikes and scooters tomorrow.

Have a lovely evening.

Two Year olds make traffic lights ready for their bike ride

Making a picnic to take to the Moon

Zoom zoom zoom, we're going to the moon