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Thursday 7th October

Thursday 7th October 2021

Good afternoon everyone,

Today is National Poetry Day 2021. In nursery the children listened to poems and rhymes and then the older children had a go at writing and illustrating their own poems.

Here are a few below.

“I like purple, that’s my favourite colour

Purple is blueberries

That I like to eat”

By L


“I like the daffodil, I like the blue sky

I like the book that I like to read”

By S


“The mountains are big and scary

All the boys and girls play ball

Then they all run down”

By A


“I like nursery

I draw pictures of my dad

I like playdough

I like my dad”



“I like the home corner

I look through the window

I like making food

And feeding the babies”

By H


“I like the rainbow, it comes when it rains

I like red, yellow, green my favourite colours

Red in my head, yellow in the sun, green in the grass”

By A


I’m sure you will agree they are excellent poems. On the website today is a link to the National Poetry Day website and some favourite counting rhymes for under-fives.

Red class had fun with finger rhymes and playing a “What’s in the Box”? Game.

There is also a link on the blog today to a virtual course run by the parental engagement team. These ‘Platform to Talk’ sessions allow parents to come together, share experiences and receive information. The next PTT session will be about the importance of belonging to a culture and having a strong identity. This has a big impact on a child’s sense of self-worth and supports their development in a positive way. The parental engagement team would love to hear your stories and thoughts on this fascinating topic.

Have a lovely evening.



Virtual Session for Parents/Carers - Building Strong Identities

Paintings to go with our poems

What's your favourite biscuit? Making a tally Chart

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