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Thursday 8th October

Good morning everyone,

Today on the blog we have pictures from one of our ground floor friends. He listened to the story of “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, what do you see”? And then made a collage of blue horse. Well done!

On the blog today is Kamran the teacher in the first floor class. He is reading a favourite nursery story for you all, The Three Billy Goats Gruff. We also have Shakila who is showing everyone how to make aleaf print. So why not collect some beautiful autumn leaves and have a go.

Today’s topic is den building. Why not have a go at building a den with your child, you only need a box or a sheet and your child can have an instant hideaway

I’m sure all of you made a homemade den, house or fort out of bed sheets when you were little? Den building and den play brings a lot of joy and happiness to childhood and engages children for hours with endless role play adventure opportunities!

Children love to create their own imaginative worlds and hideaways, where they can make up their own rules, scenarios and language and den making gives children an exciting opportunity to think outside of the box and create secret worlds that no one else knows about. This gives children a great sense of independence and introduces challenge and risk into their environment as well.

Not only does den play spark a child’s creativity and imagination, but it also helps to improve their physical development, communication, language, teamwork and problem solving skills as well. Den play is essential for a child’s development and learning, so let your children’s imaginations run wild as they build their own dens and remember……No adults allowed…

Build an indoor den

A den can be anything your child wants it to be, a home away from home, a castle, a cave, a space rocket, a tent or even a caravan.

It can be as simple as putting a sheet over a table or two chairs, (see images below for ideas), you can add pegs, string, pillows etc. and your child will play happily for hours in their own secret space.

Add a few props such as cushions, books, cups, favourite toys and your child will play happily in their own special hideaway.

Have a lovely day.

Let's make a den

Let's make a leaf rubbing with Shakila

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Hello from Kamran

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The Three Billy Goats by Kamran

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A friend from ground floor class made a collage of Blue Horse from Monday's story...well done